The batteries-included event platform
with group bookings in mind.

Collect information, communicate with customers, and take payments. All of that, with an excellent customer experience.

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A better way to take bookings

Bookings can be complex, so we have a flexible approach which lets you take bookings in a way that matches how your business thinks about them.

  • Secure payments

    Take secure payments in the same system you use to collect customer information.

  • Simple pricing

    You won't get a surprise bill just because your event has been successful. We price simply and fairly on a flat rolling subscription.

  • Pain free booking for your customers

    Provide your customers with a pain free expereince, carefully designed to let your customers love your service.

  • Work with your customers directly

    See your customers information and speak to them directly without anyone getting in the way.


A platform that grows with you

Manage events, take bookings, and collect payments without endless spreadsheets.


Beautiful pages to showcase your event

You provide the assets, we provide the design. Show off your event with our stunning and accessible event landing pages.

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  • Beautiful, and accessible landing pages
  • Simple content options
  • SEO handled automatically
  • Option to use your own landing page instead


A powerful platform to managing bookings

Your event, your customers, your data. Manage bookings in a way that suits you and contact your customers directly. We'll never get in the way or hide your data.

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  • Designed for group bookings, let customers self-organise
  • Manage bookings individually or across entire groups
  • Key informational emails sent out automatically
  • Own your data, export it for more bespoke analysis


Secure payments you can trust

Take payments with Stripe, one of the worlds leading payment providers. You'll never have to worry about security or payment regulations again.

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  • Secure by default, powered by Stripe
  • No transaction fees, you keep all your revenue
  • Easy customer journey, reducing friction and maximising bookings
  • Full control over the payments, manage refunds however your way

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

What is a group booking?
For many events it doesn't make sense for individuals to book on alone, such as family holidays or youth camps. TicketBalloon allows events to take group bookings where the group leader can see and administer their group, and you as the organiser don't need to do any manual work to group bookings together.
How do my customers pay for their tickets?
By default all events and groups require your customers to use a debit or credit card to pay for their ticket during the booking process. Alternatively you can enable manual settlement for individual groups if you wish to handle payments yourself, for example: handling BACS payments in the UK.
Do I need to install anything?
There's nothing to install, you can do everything through your web browser. We're proud to support all major and modern browsers!
Why do you charge a subscription unlike Eventbrite?
Many ticket and booking platforms charge you a % of each ticket. These can seem low at first glance, 3.5% of £50 is only £1.75 but when you multiply that quickly stacks up, selling only 1000 tickets means you're paying £1750+. We think a flat rate is fairer, more predictable, and usually cheaper for you.
What happens if I go over my plan limits?
We'll never bill you unexpectedly and we also won't stop your event from taking bookings. If you exceed your plan limits we'll get in touch to ask you to upgrade you a higher plan for the following month. You'll have two weeks to make a decision, at that point you can either upgrade or close your account.
What happens if I change my mind?
Our free trial requires no credit card details, if you decide not to continue then we will simply freeze the account after the trial and there's nothing to do. In addition, all subscriptions can be cancelled online at any time with no hassle. If you do cancel your account we won't charge you again and we'll freeze your account once the billing period ends.

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