Booking Management

Spend less time managing bookings

Oversee and manage your bookings individually or in their groups. TicketBalloon gives you visibility of each bookings life cycle so you can have a full understanding your customers journey.

App screenshot
App screenshot

Group Bookings

See how your customers self-organise, and communicate with them easily

Your booking system should understand when people attend your event in groups. You can understand who the lead booker is, and reduce the amount of mass-emails you need to send.

All-in-one platform

Batteries-included for all your events

With TicketBalloon you'll get access to all the features you'll need to run your events without sinking hours into booking management.

Invite team members
Collaborate with multiple team members to give everyone visibility of bookings.
Cancellations and refunds
Fast and easy cancellations that automatically issue a refund without any pain.
Private notes
Leave notes against bookings that only your team can see and add to.
Visible payment lifecycle
See which bookings haven't complete payment or have had refunds issued.
Own your data
Export all your bookings in common formats including CSV's for further analysis.
Top level analytics of of successful bookings and your total revenue.
Edit groups and bookings
Fix any mistakes your customers have made without asking them to log in.
GDPR tooling
A suite of tools to handle "Right to be Forgotten" requests, and more.

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